Themes of the conference

  • Isotopic techniques (stable and radiogenic)
  • Micro and nano analytical techniques
  • Methods for bulk analysis
  • Speciation and fractionation studies
  • Reference materials
  • Sampling and field measurements
  • Sample preparation
  • Quality assurance in geochemical measurements

Main applications

  • Atmosphere
  • (Bio)geochemistry
  • Environment
  • Gas and oil source characterization
  • Global scale cycling and petrology
  • Ore deposits research
  • Past and modern climate change studies
  • Geochemical exploration and mapping
  • Hidrogeochemistry

The broad scope of sample and measurement types in the earth sciences requires quality assessment for the confident use of the results. The main focus of Geoanalysis conferences is on laboratory methodology, but application research presentations are also welcome and encouraged. They represent the end user of geoanalytical laboratories and the essential feedback about data suitability and new demands.
Application papers are encouraged to include details about data acquisition, quality assurance and method validation.